Jun 23, 2010


Neighbor (Right) Neighbor (left) Me

Notice something missing ?

So I decided to break my fear of leaving my sandals outside, as is the custom here in India, out of fear that they would get stolen. I thought to myself ”I’ve been here almost 3 months and get along pretty well with everyone in the complex and even on my street, no reason not to trust anybody, RIGHT. ”
First day was good even the second and third day was good. Opened the door and there they were. Fourth day, opened the door and this is what I found (Top right picture) I thought “no way” I searched up stairs, nothing. Down stairs, nothing. Asked the watch man if he has seen it. I mean he does sweep every morning at 7:30 am, but he hadn’t seen it.
I now leave the one sandal I have outside, no need for a thief to run around with only ONE SANDAL.
I hope to bring you more exciting news concerning the case of the STOLEN SANDAL !

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