Aug 31, 2010

Wow goodbye six months

Had a some what nice stay at the Mission of Mercy hospital here in India, well the nurses were nice. After my 16 day stay i came out to what was like a new world, like my little stay some how made me forget india, lol. Don't worry i survived.

Well as my six months are coming to an end, looks like I'm heading to Nepal. Don't really know much about it and getting pretty excited about the trip. Some friends that have been there from India said it's like a breath of fresh air.

Oh and by the way, does anybody know how i can watch the Alabama Game, they kick off this Saturday. You know this would be a great "early birthday present" or Christmas present for anyone wanting to Help this Bama fan get his fix, Thanks and God bless.

Roll Tide !

Aug 21, 2010

So about a week after my leg injury there was some tearing that took place and well it just wouldn't stop bleeding. For most of you, y'all know of my situation and well uncontrolled breeding's just not good for anybody. Before leaving the states i checked into come local hospitals in the area so i knew of some pretty well organized facilities. Went for a CHECK-UP the Tue the 10th and well 10 min in the check up and doc said "Well we gotta admit you" seen that coming. The Doc was a specialist in the states for 20 years so it was quite comforting to hear.

The hospitals here in India are definitely different then the US. Their treating me well and i hope to be out by this coming Monday.

Sorry about not informing y'all sooner. I didn't want to e-mail or post something stating i had to go for a check up then stay almost a week before writing anything. I hope it's not to upsetting and you can forgive me. Just know that I'm safe and the condition was never life treating. Thanks and God bless.

Aug 4, 2010


So after much walking, biking and along with other physical activities India can make one involved in, time to take rest. I recently invested in a bike to help out with transportation and boy what a work out. I was reminded quickly of how draining a bike can be and now i am paying the cost.
Layed up in bed is where it left me, nothing serious just much pain. It was definitely a lesson well learned. I excited for the use of my bike but i guess it's gonna be a slow ride for now. OW it hurts to walk.

On the another note we have a new roommate coming in today. All i know is he's middle aged man named Bob and likes carpentry. He'll be with us (Taylor & I) for about 2 weeks. It's gonna be cramped in our one room apartment but were excited to have him come and stay with us. He'll be help out in local "places" and local "friends" It will be good to have someone else to chat with. Yay BOB !

Aug 2, 2010

So i figured, you know what EVERY-BODY'S got a bike here. They get where they need to be on time. They can carry more and each bike comes with a pretty little bell (like a bike horn) It's a second hand bike that i bought off of one of the staff members sons here. I really liked his bike so it made the deal go by pretty easy.
I bought his bike and he in turn went and bought a different one. I payed right about 40$ for the bike and recently put it in the short for some miner repairs. I love working on bike(heck i like working on anything) but here every things different. I looked at it and the design and it's just so crazy how they do things here.
Next i might throw a little paint on it just for looks, we'll see.

Aug 1, 2010


So after many long days and nights work continues to grow heavier. i don't want this post to be full of complaining just want it to tell the truth and well that's the truth. Were actually putting out a "cry for help in India, alert". If you like Kids and looking to serve, come on over. You'll get hands on training in many different areas of ministry and the experience of working with kids, you'll love it here, promise.

I recently hit the 4 month marker of being here in India. I haven't exactly accomplished the things i set out to accomplish but that's the way it normally works when i try to plan my future. I see Gods hand at work in some many areas of where he has me even though at times it can become hard to see because of distraction/obstacles. I find myself getting stuck on sharing about all the hard times and never talking about the good things that are taking place here.

I wish i could say that things are great here and and running together smoothly and that I'm having the time of my life but honestly that's just not the case. My first trip here was in 07 so i had a good 2 years of planning and thinking of what it would be like, what i would be doing and what kind of progression i would be making, bad idea (thinking ahead). It so crazy at times thinking about the position I'm in now and never once thought this is what i would be doing. I get to hang out with the kids and love on them which is what drew me to this work, but that's just a small portion. I'm constantly reminded that this is not my life and that I'm not in control but the flesh wants to tell me differently.

I'm learning so much about this culture and it's ways of living. Their customs and order of things are much different then ours. I hope to spend these next few months updating with practical experiences that I'm going through, living situations as well as the struggles i face.

Thank you for the prayer and support that making this Journey possible.