Mar 30, 2010


I leave for the airport in about half a hour. Please continue to keep me in your prayer. It's around a 30 hours flight so WOW. love you all talk to yea soon.

Mar 24, 2010


OK so there's six days left till i leave. How do you prepare to be gone for a year? Heck i don't know. Christ said take nothing with you but it's a year, hummm. Gotta lot to do before i leave. I have already been preparing mentally for the trip, definitely Spiritually and trying to even prepare physically. Eating healthy well somewhat healthy. Doing the vitamin thing and well weening myself of whatever things i might be in lack of while there.
Well folks that all i got for now but here's a suggestion i want to know what y'all what to read. What do you what to hear about the journey? Give me some questions or ideas of what you want to talk about or hear. If no ideas well i just see yea next time.

Peace & Love

Mar 23, 2010

Mar 14, 2010

Are fish smart?

Sunday's always a busy day for me. Had a great service this morning and a good group the afternoon. Was able to hang out with some old friends and talk about the past for a bit then it was off to fishing. Haven't been in a while and man it was good. Daniel and i went to the pass around 6-6:30 this evening stayed till about, well....... Now (1am) not much was happening. We got a couple bites mainly catfish few hard head and a few Sail cats. That's when we started asking ourselves if fish are smart. Long story not important, came to the conclusion "there not"
Got an early morning so gotta jet.

Peace & Love

Mar 13, 2010


Well here's an update for yea. Hoping to leave for India in just a few short weeks maybe even less. I'm not sure just yet on when i'm leaving still waiting on Information needed. I have friends that are helping with plane information to help save on some cash. Fun hanging out with the Ywam team and the MA team that just left. My girlfriends birthday is today/tomorrow i can't be with here well cause she's in China. Seen some old friends today and talked about different kinds of life changes that our friends have went through. Life so good just wish i would get out of the way sometime. Love you all.

Peace & Love

Mar 9, 2010

Just found this old Blog post from back in March of 2010

Ywam teams still here, working with Mission Adventures group. I got up with them pretty early this morning helped set them up with the local elementary school to do some service work. Been fun working with this group, they have come to South Alabama to Serve. Not to go to the beach and hang out or shop at the mall but with the primary goal of service work, WOW.
It's the entire senior high school class for a private christian school in Kansas. They have been saving up sense there freshman year to do this Gulf coast service project. It's been good hanging out with them. Later this even had a bit of worship and a teaching on PASSION (deep) Ryan's the kind of guy that just sparks a fire in yea, Love that guy.
Tomorrow is there last full day here, hope they have enjoyed it, what a blessing they have been.
The ywam team is staying for another day so we got to have coffee/tea at the peters to make there stay in Alabama official. Then maybe even a bite to eat at Lamberts (South L.A. main attraction well kinda...)

Peace & Love

Mar 6, 2010

March / 06 / 2010

Beautiful day today with the sun shining and a lite breeze blowing, oh i love the south. There was a Y team that's here with a Mission Adventures crew. We had a good day of some yard work, little painting and trash pick up, good times. They'll be here for a few more days looking forward to spending time with them and sharing some teachings with them.

Hopefully still scheduled to leave in about 2 weeks. Waiting on a response about plane ticket.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on jeff's journey

Peace & Love


The purpose of this Blog is to keep YOU updated on the process of this Spiritual Journey. Thank you and enjoy every step WITH ME.