Mar 3, 2012

Recipe for Time !

Just the other day, in a conversation with a dear friend we got on the topic of time. 
 Time is an interesting thing see it can't be bought or created or even borrowed but what it can do is hide.  
We can always FIND time to do things meaning it can hide right,   right.  
Well she made it pretty clear that she could MAKE time so i asked 
"can i have the ingredients so i can try to make some."  
Upon finding this VERY VALUABLE information i thought i would share.  
What you do with it is up to you. 

Start with one (1) cup of your big "purpose" for the day,
add 1/3 cup of fuel (the Word, prayer, food, naps...),
add 1/4 cup of  flexibility and improv for when unexpected things come up that demand your time,
then you've got to add sugar and salt to taste (aka make sure you're not leaving out the love and adventure you need to make life worth it all).

 Sounds good to me !