Dec 30, 2010



Well i'm receiving more and more training with this blog stuff (second time writing it).

This holiday season has definitely been a DIFFERENT experience then the ones previously. While it is Christmas time i'm currently still wearing shorts and a short sleeve, well it does get pretty cool in the evening time (53o)

Had a nice Christmas program with the kids. Dancing, Singing, Games and Dramas. It took what seemed like all year to plan and only 4 days to accomplish. The kids loved it and that's what truly mattered, heck even some of the staffed enjoyed.

Had a good time with the team from New Zealand working at Sundarban Islands. Dramas, Dances, Songs, Prayer, Testimonies and whatever else we felt led to do for the villages/tribes there . It was Truly a learning experience for me and the Team, in more ways then one.

The last few Christmas's have been rather different for me. Whet from wearing pants and sweater and saying "it's pretty cold out side." too 4-6 foot of snow last year saying "Man it Freezing out there !" too now sitting in shorts and a Tshirt saying "what happened?" I must say i found a place where i enjoy spending the winter season.
Well preparing to say Goodbye to 2010 and hello 2011. Don't know what's to come of this new year but i bet we can find a way to make interesting. I have much planned but only God truly knows where my feet are going to be planted. I'm looking forward to the areas of training that i'm looking into and also the upcoming schools. Each one play s key role in the future holds or so im starting to think. I know it's gonna be a hard road to travel but when you know you just know.
Peace & Love
Jairaji aka (Jeff)