Jun 28, 2012


May 14, 2012


Perfect example of my life right now and possibly you can relate.  Have you ever been cruisin down the road and i mean really cruisin. It is THE PREFECT DAY, sunshine beaming down from above, your favorite song playing on the radio, windows rolled as far as they can go, you can feel the wind hitting 
you from every angle.  Man it's like I'm there right now.  
On this beautiful day your going that comfortable speed of about 55 miles an hour, now that's a cruisin speed.  In the distance you see that familiar shaped sign approaching. It's coming up pretty quick but you can't quite make out what it says.  

Then all the sudden WHAMMM you see it

your foots on the break, you think the radios to loud, your looking around for cops cause you didn't slow down fast enough. Almost like your world was just turned upside down.  Now maybe this only happens or has happen to me but it's a real good way to explain it.  

So i would say my life at this point is very similar.  Time to unpack, regroup and remember what's really going on.  It's very interesting to see what it takes to put us back on the "right tract."


Found this blog post just hanging around and guess i forgot to post it.  Sometimes i feel times running out but I'm not really sure what it's running out of! 
For the last 3 months I've been working on this whole college thing and for those who don't know i start THIS THURSDAY,  MAY 17th 
 C  R  A  Z  Y 
  I'm going for the Paramedics course which makes me super excited and super nervous at the same time. It's gonna be good and I'm glad I'm going through with it.  I've got a really good support team backing me up so lets go and make this happen. 

Peace & Love   

Mar 3, 2012

Recipe for Time !

Just the other day, in a conversation with a dear friend we got on the topic of time. 
 Time is an interesting thing see it can't be bought or created or even borrowed but what it can do is hide.  
We can always FIND time to do things meaning it can hide right,   right.  
Well she made it pretty clear that she could MAKE time so i asked 
"can i have the ingredients so i can try to make some."  
Upon finding this VERY VALUABLE information i thought i would share.  
What you do with it is up to you. 

Start with one (1) cup of your big "purpose" for the day,
add 1/3 cup of fuel (the Word, prayer, food, naps...),
add 1/4 cup of  flexibility and improv for when unexpected things come up that demand your time,
then you've got to add sugar and salt to taste (aka make sure you're not leaving out the love and adventure you need to make life worth it all).

 Sounds good to me !

Feb 27, 2012

2012......... REALLY !

Well sense this is the "End Of All Years" might as well make it a good one. 

Been home for awhile now and things are well.......... "moving along"
I have this problem where my body needs to rest but i get bored, and when i get bored i'm reminded " Idle hands are the devil's workshop", Oh how true this is but how far can i push this "Proverb". What if it gets to the point of bodily harm or mental stress, Man why do i feel i have to be busy all the time .  I realize if you live life in a hurry you just speed up Death, Right ?

It's still hard to say "New Year", can't explain why, it's just hard deal with it being 2012, It's probably got something to do with the weather, i mean living in the south is great and all but dang it was 73 degrees today. People are starting to go back to the beach, WHAT?
Being back home has been great/confusing.  I know i know not a good combo but it's all i got. See confusing right!

Jan 15, 2012

Nice ending to 2011

Swing dancing partners.
We spend most Friday nights swing dancing over in Pensacola.  I've really been getting into this whole swing dancing thing.

TAGGIN ain't no simple thing
Don't worry, over in P-Cola they have a spot where they let you tag a wall.
Cops come and run you off, no cuff's involved.

Spent some time working on the models over the Holidays but i have enjoyed not getting up  at 3:30 in the morning.  

Ain't nothing like Friends, Family & Dirty Santa.  We all got together for a little Christmas Party.  It was good to have laughs with people you love over the Holidays. 

Also during the Holiday Season a Nazarite Vow that i took earlier this year was completed.  After about 137 days Rabbi  Yishai  AKA Jesse at the end of the Vow sacrifices are to be made then the shaving of your head in required to complete the Vow.  Through prayer & further study NO SACRIFICE was needed, when Christ came and did what He had to do He was and is the FINAL sacrifice needed.

   We did burn the hair though. 

Wonder what the new looks gonna be ?

Dec 7, 2011


It was hard to leave the Dewittville, Bemus Point & Jamestown area.  Seems like every where i go i begin to attach myself to my surroundings.  I don't know if it was the people that made it hard for me to leave, the atmosphere or maybe just the area itself that made it difficult.  Loved it !

Great place to live and good people to live with.  My time there was with a good friend Ryan Dankenbring and all the people he's affiliated with up there.  I got to help out with a few projects like cooking, cleaning, car maintenance and a bit yard work.  Ryan and I have always Challenged ourselves when we get together.  Thanks Ryan & Euphoria.

Elk Rapids, MI
Bob came and stayed with me when i was in India.  He stayed for about 2 weeks working in several different ministry's.  While in India we had amazing conversation early in the morning over fresh "crushed" coffee.  Bob's visit encouraged me to give him  a visit.  While with Bob i was stretched in many different area's of my life.  It was a refreshing time with Bob and even though we didn't get many early morning coffee conversations we managed, i think one of the phrases were "an all day interactive bible study"  Thanks Bob. 
Also, Special thanks to everybody who helped me when i was down and out with my car troubles. 

Grand Rapids, MI
While in Grand Rapids i got to visit a friend of the family that had visited South Alabama a time (or 2). She did a show in our backyard (which was great by the way.)  Now she's marry to a nice guy, that's right Alex your alright.  My next stop was just 20 min east to the Barnett's place.  Liz Barnett was female staff chaplain and co CIT (Counselor In Training.) director. We had one last project to work on to call the summer complete.  One of the assignment we had was for the CIT's to write out there Testimonies.  Just about 2 months later we sent letters to them encouraging them and reminding them of the Power of G-d working in there life.  Thanks Barnett family and Hosts : )

Williamsburge, IA
WEATHER:  SNOW, SNOW, & MORE SNOW.  3 FT OF SNOW (I've got pictures)
Oh the Family
So i got a few distant cousin that live WAY UP IN IOWA and sense i was a VERY YOUNG LAD last i visited Iowa, i figured it was time.  It was good spending time with them in Iowa, could've done without the snow but.......

Kansas City, MO
IHOP....   no not International House of Pancakes but Prayer. 1999 the prayer room was opened and started a 24/7 Prayer and worship and has continued ever sense.  It was great to be in the presents of some many believers committed to prayer.  The spiritual vibes there were so real, i mean when you walk in the building the whole atmosphere changes.  If you haven't been i encourage you to check it out.  IHOP.org

Springs, TX
 Thank you G-d for the heat and boy was it hot.  Being in Texas was a good time for me.  I was able to hangout with a good friend and his lovely wife.  I got to go and see what the did and see just how hard they actually work.  Andrew & I met many years back but weren't really living right.  Years later we meet Jesus and start hanging out together.  It has been a Great friendship, i owe much to him,
(My own personal sharping stone)

True Worth
I spent about a month and a week on the road and Boiiiii  was it AMAZING !!!
VALUE was "the biggest" thing i learned on this journey.  The moment we Understand our own value, our Worth in Yahweh's eyes, a new door is opened in our lives.
Experience your true Worth !  
What i learned i will remember for ever and it's even safe to say I will be practicing it for a life time.

Nov 18, 2011

Where ever the "πνεῦμα" blows

Before i  left New York a friend of mine said to me,  " You just move around with the wind."     
I told her about this song but she had never heard it before.  
 I love it and yea it 's probably got something to do
 with the fact that is does kinda talk a bit about my life.  

 Native Indians believed that the wind were like spirits some even said that "The Great Spirits" voice was carried by the wind.  So many other religions and different belief systems have quotes, poems, songs, dances about the wind and the power of it.  In the bible it talks of wind 123ish times.  Like Natural winds, Satanic wind, Prophecy in wind.

    I like John 3:8 "The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound of it, but do not know where it comes from and where it is going; So it is with everyone born of the Spirit.” 
                      HUMMMMM  that's interesting.  

Nov 11, 2011

NOMAD (A member of a people who have no permanent home but move about according to the seasons, a wonder.)

Pretty interesting definition, think i might can relate.

To me the term Nomad it used for those who like to travel from place to place, roaming if you will. Having only a destination in mind but letting the journey be a mystery, "an adventure !" From my experience, IT'S GREAT! Sometimes can be a little lonely in long distance travel which in turn can make it a little scary cause every hitchhiker you see you wanna pick up, unless your the hitchhiker.

It didn't always use to be like that, just traveling around. The Nomadic people got there name from traveling yes but not just for traveling but for the lifestyle they lived. They traveled looking for land for there animals to feed, to trade merchandise, to work, farm, make a living of some kind. There's an estimated 35ish million in the world still today that live like this, mostly in other countries of course. None of this sort live in the us. So the AMERICA NOMAD just goes from place to place trying to find a place to stay and food to eat. Mostly using as little as possible for survival. Like i said it's an adventure.

I mean i help out and have somewhat worked in each place I've been to, so i guess that makes me a traditional Nomad as well as a modern day Nomad,     sweet. Haven't sold anything yet, i keep giving stuff away if that counts.
Tried selling a few animal crackers but that didn't work out so well, Taste pretty good though.

Nov 6, 2011


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Road Trip

Well now i'm in Alto Michigan, which is 20 min's out of Grand Rapids. I'm here visiting a Co-worker and her family. Pulled up to a huge bonfire so i knew things were getting kicked off on the right foot. We worked at camp MM together as Staff Chaplain's and CIT Directors. We have a little project just not quite done with yet. Also it's was a pretty good stopping point to Iowa. I will be leaving tomorrow to head to Iowa to see some family for a day or so.
The weather has been really good (considering i'm in the North). So far the Snow has held back and if it could hold back a little long that would be GREAT. Oh and in IOWA !