Oct 19, 2011


New York (Western)

Ok so i learned that when your talking bout NY you have to be pretty specific about what part of NY your talking about. I was in the "Western New York", so every time i said NY i had to say Western first. I had a great time while there and was even able to bring a few friends up with me.

Tom, Dillon, Jesse, Me

Tom is a good friend that worked with us that summer. Dillon, Jesse, and I drove up the first week of May, Dillon left 1/2 way through, Jesse finished the summer and whet home and I well i left October 16th (3 days ago). My Job there was to help CO-Lead the Counselors in Training (C.I.Ts) program as well as the Staff Chaplain for the male staff members, what an experience. I learned a ton and hopefully helped with a few learn as well. What i love about being put in a position that's new is the chance that I get to grow and learn new things. I find out what i'm good at and areas that need a little attention.

My job didn't let me be to involved directly with the kids but it was good to be able to hang out with them in my free time. For the Staff that i was able to connect with, we had a really good time.

Peace & Love


So where i worked this summer there is this unique place just across the lake called The Chautauqua Institution. Now the place itself is rather interesting but I'm not gonna share about the place but about a place that's just inside the gates. They have a Walk through style replica of Israel, Amazing place. I've never been to Israel and being able to go out and walk around was amazing.
I've never been to Israel(yet)but man this was a great experience to have had.

It started with Kayaking for about half an hour across the lake (praying it wasn't windy) resting for a min so you can feel your arms again.

There's a little metal plaque right when you walk up that explains what's it's all about and little history nugget.

Here just a few of the "Mini Cities" that were there.

I'll see if i can put a Video of it up.