Jan 14, 2011

New year so far

WOW 2011
I know I know i can't believe it either. To me it seemed like 2010 FLEW by, a year in a place where you don't anybody, every things different, smells, sights, sounds, EVERYTHING. At first it seems very slow being here but the longer you stay the faster it flys by. With my departure date getting closer and closer i'm feeling pulled from 2 angles. One, my love for being here, I know i gonna miss this place too much but the other is returning home to see my friends and family.

I've experienced many new things while being here and have been able to share a few of my own. Eating pumpkin doesn't seem that bizarre but seriously how many time have you been out to the Field and picked a pumpkin, peeled it, Boiled it and started eating? That's what i thought. Baking the seeds is what we did growing up but not here, we just eat the whole dang thing.

In Alabama we have Elephant ears and never once have i ever thought of eating them but here, no hesitation. All cauliflower is edible if you cut it into tiny pieces and put many spices in the mix.

Growing up in an Area were Hurricanes are seasonal, learning to sleep through them became normal. Seeing how and were people sleep here it almost makes it unbelievable, I thought i could sleep through anything.

This is where i spent most of my time
while here, yep at ah train station. Known for being the busiest train station in the world and largest in India. Not only a train station, for some it's a home, a getaway, a hangout and for some it's the only thing they got. There's not many trains in south Alabama so this was all new for me. I've been here before but wasn't really able to see what really goes on until i was able to spend some time there. One of the most dangerous places in this city becomes a safe haven for young boys that are rejected, thrown out or just put out for the day, by their parents, if they have any.
The bridge is a famous symbol of Kolkata and West Begal. It's a very unique designed bridge and the finest of it's kind in the world. Finished in 1943 with an over all cost of 25 million Rupees. This eight-lane , 26,500 metric ton high - tensile steel bridge carries approximately 80,000 vehicles, more than 1,000,000 walkers and somewhere around a thousands or so cattle every day.
We spend many days crossing this same bridge, seeing the same children and family's in the station. IT'S TIME FOR A CHANGE !

Peace & Love