Dec 30, 2010



Well i'm receiving more and more training with this blog stuff (second time writing it).

This holiday season has definitely been a DIFFERENT experience then the ones previously. While it is Christmas time i'm currently still wearing shorts and a short sleeve, well it does get pretty cool in the evening time (53o)

Had a nice Christmas program with the kids. Dancing, Singing, Games and Dramas. It took what seemed like all year to plan and only 4 days to accomplish. The kids loved it and that's what truly mattered, heck even some of the staffed enjoyed.

Had a good time with the team from New Zealand working at Sundarban Islands. Dramas, Dances, Songs, Prayer, Testimonies and whatever else we felt led to do for the villages/tribes there . It was Truly a learning experience for me and the Team, in more ways then one.

The last few Christmas's have been rather different for me. Whet from wearing pants and sweater and saying "it's pretty cold out side." too 4-6 foot of snow last year saying "Man it Freezing out there !" too now sitting in shorts and a Tshirt saying "what happened?" I must say i found a place where i enjoy spending the winter season.
Well preparing to say Goodbye to 2010 and hello 2011. Don't know what's to come of this new year but i bet we can find a way to make interesting. I have much planned but only God truly knows where my feet are going to be planted. I'm looking forward to the areas of training that i'm looking into and also the upcoming schools. Each one play s key role in the future holds or so im starting to think. I know it's gonna be a hard road to travel but when you know you just know.
Peace & Love
Jairaji aka (Jeff)

Nov 30, 2010

Sorry still working on the Layout and Design of this blog thing.
There was good friends, good food and good fellowship this Thanksgiving, 9 nations were represented among 20 different people. 3 pieces of corn was given to each person to share for 3 things they were thankful for. We also sang a few song of thanks giving even throw in a little dancing. There were 3 chickens roasted, 2 small hams, mashed potatoes, 3 different kinds of gravy, Deviled eggs (prepared by yours truly), veggie dishes of many colors and for desert there was pumpkin pie, cran-apple pie, chocolate chip cookies and cheeto meeto bars! Definitely was like any other Thanksgiving that I've ever had before, ONE OF A KIND, no doubt. For many it was there first ever Thanksgiving so it was great to be a part of it.
After we ate and had fellowship for a bit more then dessert they jumped back on the drum and Begain singing, that in turn led to dancing and of coarse that's contagious so everybody started dance and singing even a little rapping. HAHAHAHAH it was so much fun. Many ideas for my future Thanksgiving plans.
Peace & Love

Nov 24, 2010

GETTIN HITCHED " Run away Bride X3"

I haven't to many wedding, well i haven't been invited to many wedding the ones i have been too were just kinda of last minute ideas. This wedding i was invited to and it was not what i expected at all.

Here in Nepal when you talk of Arranged marriages you don't get much of a reaction due to most are use to the idea. I had met the bride just 1 short Month before here wedding but i didn't even know she was getting married. The day of here Engagement party i found out i was invited and that was getting married. So the story starts to unfold.

Born and raise in a Hindu family but Later turned Christian. When it was her time to marry the parents started bringing in the first picks for here future husband. No wanting to marry a Hindu man, she ran away and not just once but three times. Fearing her time was running out she turned to the Church and asked to be "arranged", Pretty common question in these parts. Only 3 weeks before the wedding she met her husband. I ask myself what that conversation must have been like, HuH? 2 1/2 weeks later there was an Engagement party, 3 days after that they were married.

I know from the picture she looks sad and upset but it's a cultural thing here. I physical appearance of sorrow must be shown out of respect to the family, She is in all reality leaving her family and traveling far from them to start her own life with her husband, that's sad.

I think this was the first wedding i went to that i wanted to cry at. I felt bad for the bride she started crying and just couldn't stop. Poor guy, probably didn't even see that coming. I thought a wedding was suppose to be the happiest day of your life not the saddest granted there will be some tears but these kind of marriages make you wonder?
Lord be with this marriage. Heck be with all the marriages

Oct 28, 2010

Spent the day over at the Bioponics facility

Had a great day today with Doyl and a buddy of his, Bill. Bill is from South Africa and is now living here in Nepal running a business that works with Bioponics. I know I know i had no idea as well but soon learned all about it. So for all you ECO-Friendly / Save the Planet kinda people, your gonna love this.

Fish tanks and Plant tubs, both working together for the good of all. SEE WE COULD LEARN A LOT FROM THIS BIO-STUFF.

Theses All-Nature, No bake bricks were made with the soil right off the property, nothing was added. The Cottage was made with the same bricks as well as a barn.

Bioponics (Aquaponics) is a process or cycle of symbiotic relationships where fish help plants and plants help fish. There's no chemicals involved, needs only 1/10 the water needed to grow those beautiful plants and vegetables AND only a fraction of water that is needed to grow those tasty non-polluted fish we all enjoy eating. (Aquaculture) That's the Fancy name for it : )

As more and more people are populating this planet many people are looking forward to the future. These people are trying to find ways to Recycle, Reduce & Reuse the resources that we are so easily using up. For instance did you know that human or animal waste (if handled properly) can be used as gas to cook your food or keep you warm. That tubing (water pipe) if angled just right can build up enough pressure to run up hill, using that stream near by to help you receive the water you need. Buy a chicken, you can have those fresh eggs every morning and that perfect garden foundation you've always wanted, AKA (Chicken Tractor). Get yourself some honey bees and stay sweet season after season. See God has given us some many resources on this earth if only we had the little bit of knowledge to Recycle, Reduce & Reuse these resources. Bill has been working very hard despite the many obstacles in his way. But soon and very soon the wonder facility will be up and running. Not only that but also Training course, school, walk troughs, and even "get-a-ways" for that nice organic vacation we've been longing for. Soon to have a WEBSITE up and running so you can read for yourself all that amazing things this guys can do.
Shalom & Agape

Oct 17, 2010

Spiritual Vacation

What do we think about when we think of a Vacation?
To me is consists of running water, green trees preferably by the thousands, sounds of nature, there has to be a camp fire of some kind & it would be nice to sleep out side. But hey that just my thoughts of what a Vacation might look like.
I have made it to Nepal and the 2nd day here i felt as though i was on a Spiritual Vacation. Very morning waking up the a beautiful sunrise over a gorgeous mountain top. This pretty little concrete cottage laying on the side of a mountain for the greatest view i've seen in ages. Breath taking sights every where i go and that's just the scenery. The people here have a style of there own as well that just makes you wonder. The way they cook, clean, work, sleep. The way they dress the style they dress heck man every thing about them is so different then how i was raised. "Differents not wrong it just Different " That's a phase one of the speakers said in one of my class a few years back and it has stuck every sense.
I'm truly enjoying my time here. I don't like the rain or when it rains but its been raining quite a bit sense i've been here and it's still beautiful.

Oct 7, 2010

NEPAL, land of the mountain farmers


Ok so no matter what direction i go it's a workout. Up hill hurts some times down hill's just a bad. After a 2 day travel by Bus, Taxi, Train, Taxi, Rickshaw, Travel bus, Mini bus and a long walk up hill i made. I'm staying in a little house hidden on the side of a small mountain, what a great location. I love it here, the air is crisp and the sun is warm. Everywhere i look the beauty in everything. An old abandoned, rotten tree, mangy dog, It seems as if everything is Old and dirty. No matter where you are the view is great and the air is always clean.
I'm staying with 4 young men, all musicians. They have an Early morning and evening music class, as well as a new training center there building just down the HILL. We keep pretty busy. Some of the different things i have experienced in Nepal as of now are.
Church is now on Saturday, they switched for some reason
Lunch in served in the morning around 9:45/ 10 a clock.
Breakfast is around 2:30
Dinner is just before bed.
You don't have to bath everyday if you don't want
You have to brush once a day.
EVERY ONES got a garden
You can't pick up dead wood on the side of the road because it might belong to someone.
EVERYONE SING something.
Well that's all i can think of at the moment and now i must go. Love you all.
Peace & Love ai

Sep 25, 2010

Helloooo Nepal

Goodbye cooking and cleaning and sweeping and playing and tons of other activities we do everyday. Goodbye kids and Life Connections staff and that old guy that always trys to sell me Bananas from the corner, i love that guy. My time here India skipped amazing and hit unbelievable smack in the face. I felt as if i was part of 3 different liefs here. Ministry life, Personal life and Kolkata life, all glorified God and definitely kept me busy.

Now moving on to Nepal to where the Journey continues. Time to shovel dirt and hammer nails, hike trails or so i think. I leave in 3 days and so many things are running thorough my head. I'm excited to see what's to come and what kind of doors open. I'm willing so we'll see.

Peace & Love

Aug 31, 2010

Wow goodbye six months

Had a some what nice stay at the Mission of Mercy hospital here in India, well the nurses were nice. After my 16 day stay i came out to what was like a new world, like my little stay some how made me forget india, lol. Don't worry i survived.

Well as my six months are coming to an end, looks like I'm heading to Nepal. Don't really know much about it and getting pretty excited about the trip. Some friends that have been there from India said it's like a breath of fresh air.

Oh and by the way, does anybody know how i can watch the Alabama Game, they kick off this Saturday. You know this would be a great "early birthday present" or Christmas present for anyone wanting to Help this Bama fan get his fix, Thanks and God bless.

Roll Tide !

Aug 21, 2010

So about a week after my leg injury there was some tearing that took place and well it just wouldn't stop bleeding. For most of you, y'all know of my situation and well uncontrolled breeding's just not good for anybody. Before leaving the states i checked into come local hospitals in the area so i knew of some pretty well organized facilities. Went for a CHECK-UP the Tue the 10th and well 10 min in the check up and doc said "Well we gotta admit you" seen that coming. The Doc was a specialist in the states for 20 years so it was quite comforting to hear.

The hospitals here in India are definitely different then the US. Their treating me well and i hope to be out by this coming Monday.

Sorry about not informing y'all sooner. I didn't want to e-mail or post something stating i had to go for a check up then stay almost a week before writing anything. I hope it's not to upsetting and you can forgive me. Just know that I'm safe and the condition was never life treating. Thanks and God bless.

Aug 4, 2010


So after much walking, biking and along with other physical activities India can make one involved in, time to take rest. I recently invested in a bike to help out with transportation and boy what a work out. I was reminded quickly of how draining a bike can be and now i am paying the cost.
Layed up in bed is where it left me, nothing serious just much pain. It was definitely a lesson well learned. I excited for the use of my bike but i guess it's gonna be a slow ride for now. OW it hurts to walk.

On the another note we have a new roommate coming in today. All i know is he's middle aged man named Bob and likes carpentry. He'll be with us (Taylor & I) for about 2 weeks. It's gonna be cramped in our one room apartment but were excited to have him come and stay with us. He'll be help out in local "places" and local "friends" It will be good to have someone else to chat with. Yay BOB !

Aug 2, 2010

So i figured, you know what EVERY-BODY'S got a bike here. They get where they need to be on time. They can carry more and each bike comes with a pretty little bell (like a bike horn) It's a second hand bike that i bought off of one of the staff members sons here. I really liked his bike so it made the deal go by pretty easy.
I bought his bike and he in turn went and bought a different one. I payed right about 40$ for the bike and recently put it in the short for some miner repairs. I love working on bike(heck i like working on anything) but here every things different. I looked at it and the design and it's just so crazy how they do things here.
Next i might throw a little paint on it just for looks, we'll see.

Aug 1, 2010


So after many long days and nights work continues to grow heavier. i don't want this post to be full of complaining just want it to tell the truth and well that's the truth. Were actually putting out a "cry for help in India, alert". If you like Kids and looking to serve, come on over. You'll get hands on training in many different areas of ministry and the experience of working with kids, you'll love it here, promise.

I recently hit the 4 month marker of being here in India. I haven't exactly accomplished the things i set out to accomplish but that's the way it normally works when i try to plan my future. I see Gods hand at work in some many areas of where he has me even though at times it can become hard to see because of distraction/obstacles. I find myself getting stuck on sharing about all the hard times and never talking about the good things that are taking place here.

I wish i could say that things are great here and and running together smoothly and that I'm having the time of my life but honestly that's just not the case. My first trip here was in 07 so i had a good 2 years of planning and thinking of what it would be like, what i would be doing and what kind of progression i would be making, bad idea (thinking ahead). It so crazy at times thinking about the position I'm in now and never once thought this is what i would be doing. I get to hang out with the kids and love on them which is what drew me to this work, but that's just a small portion. I'm constantly reminded that this is not my life and that I'm not in control but the flesh wants to tell me differently.

I'm learning so much about this culture and it's ways of living. Their customs and order of things are much different then ours. I hope to spend these next few months updating with practical experiences that I'm going through, living situations as well as the struggles i face.

Thank you for the prayer and support that making this Journey possible.

Jun 23, 2010


Neighbor (Right) Neighbor (left) Me

Notice something missing ?

So I decided to break my fear of leaving my sandals outside, as is the custom here in India, out of fear that they would get stolen. I thought to myself ”I’ve been here almost 3 months and get along pretty well with everyone in the complex and even on my street, no reason not to trust anybody, RIGHT. ”
First day was good even the second and third day was good. Opened the door and there they were. Fourth day, opened the door and this is what I found (Top right picture) I thought “no way” I searched up stairs, nothing. Down stairs, nothing. Asked the watch man if he has seen it. I mean he does sweep every morning at 7:30 am, but he hadn’t seen it.
I now leave the one sandal I have outside, no need for a thief to run around with only ONE SANDAL.
I hope to bring you more exciting news concerning the case of the STOLEN SANDAL !

Jun 19, 2010

Care package has been received

Thank you New Beginning Christian Fellowship

Helping out with the Medical room, I seen a great need for supplies. As the ministry is hurting financially we can not buy supplies needed. Most or all of the supplies we have now are out of date and written in Portuguese.

The medical room is a very important part of the ministry here. Working with children living on the streets, their always coming in with scraps, bruises, cuts, high fever, common colds or other illness's related to their environment. Being able to provide them with the treatment needed can help prevent further serious injury. It's also a GREAT way to show them that someone loves them and cares for their needs, what a great witnessing tool.


Peace & Love

Jun 10, 2010


"You have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn't work, don't buy it." What an amazing thought, just think about it. Say you culture believes some crazy belief. Of course, everybody knows that most Asian cultures eat a lot of rice, that family is very important, and that any large parade is going to have at least one dragon, but for the real crazy one you have to actually live there for a while to know find out or if your real curious just Google them, ; )
-If you sleep in a room with a fan on and the windows closed: You will die.
- practice of Dowry (that just one)
- Muslim woman covering all
- Only one child allowed
-Foot Binding
- Sky Burial
-Sharo also known as flogging
This is just a small list. What doesn't make any sense to me is why would you stand for something you don't even understand. Even after research it doesn't make sense. Or what if your culture tells you to hurt yourself for the good of the tribe, village, family or community. Growing up to believe that is all OK is the worst part. The longer i stay any where the more is made know of Crazy beliefs that make no sense, to me..
Please pray for the The cultures of this world that are doing nothing but hurting our brothers and sisters.
Peace & Love

May 27, 2010

Comfort !

It's crazy know that i think about it but when i first got it was unbearable. Now to have sweat constantly dripping down my face has become normal. When the lights go out you don't even ask why anymore you just strike a match and find your candle. No more complaining about not having enough hot water to go around cause you all get the same amount, NONE.
Seeing people using the bathroom on the side of the road doing # 1 or 2 or just brushing there teeth to start the day. It's all becoming normal, just part of your everyday routine.
It's crazy how the things you treasured as comforts can change over time. Being in a different environment, atmosphere or culture. Comforts, i guess it just depends on where you are at the moment. So to say comforts change depending on where your at makes pretty good sense, Right ? We can live without some many of our so called needed comforts. We don't have to have a microwave, T.V., or even a Fridge what about the AC you have to have. Hot water heater, Dryer, 12 disk CD changer, surround sound. If you got'em no problem just know that that's not comfort and you can live without. Love yea!

May 16, 2010


Know i don't know how open i can be but i just got to get it out.
Where I'm at i look around and see so many people;
Persons 1,027,015,247
Males 531,277,078
Females 495,738,169
That's a lot of people and sense 2007 that number has dropped A LOT like 914,028,632 what happen to those people. I see growth in this place but also death. I see a land that's not going to be able to produce nor harvest the amount of food it gonna take to feed all these people. What are we gonna do when the earth rejects everything we put in it. When the water can keep anything alive. AAAAHHHHHHHH. It's like they can't see or maybe just don't want to. Are we living in a moment and not preparing for the future. I don't i want to help but where do you even begin.
It's a battle with a whole culture. A lifestyle that some people think is so normal, it's all they know............ Speechless

Peace & Love

May 7, 2010

HOT cold HOT cold HOT cold, mosquitoes mosquitoes, mosquitoes. Stop crying put down that rock. NOOOOOOOOO movies, i said brush your teeth. come back here. ok ok ok ok hhmmmmm ok ok ok ok.

These are probably the most common things you'll hear where i live/work. I say or hear them about 500 times a day ok maybe not 500 but pretty dang close.

May 2, 2010


What better title then this right. He's been here before we were and will be long after were gone. I'm in a place that NEEDS so much & that are being held down by so much that it's over whelming. SO........ JESUS........ That's all i can say, that's what I'm left with. That's all i can say to a country that needs change and this change can only come from Him.
So where do i stand in this. Well He's got me here in a place that needs so much work and yet I'm only one. As sometimes thoughts and ideas can become to big, too fast for a hand full of works and lack of funds. We are in constant reminder that Jesus and only Jesus can change the world. He can do this with people just like you and me and He can do it one person at a time. That's the thought I'm left with to comfort this overwhelming need.

Apr 14, 2010

Crazy living

So the power just went off, don't worry i didn't forget to pay the power bill and i didn't trip the breaker. Here in India it's kind of a common thing and happens about 2-3 times a day depending on how often the guys controlling the switch wants to shut it off. I've been here for 2 weeks and one day so I'm KINDA getting use to it.
I'm still in the training process at the ministry house for the different positions. It's getting better each day i show up and become willing to learn. Trying to understand the India culture has become a learning experience itself as well.
I'm loving hanging out with the kids and just building there trust. It's becomes rather difficult at times both with the languages and the fact that they don't always come back the next day. Sometime they stay gone a day, a week or just never come back, but that's what i signed up for. Another benefit hanging with the boys is it helps with my Hindi. With the technique of "learning like children" it's fun to try to pronounce the words they say and them try to pronounce the words i say.
The staff and i are growing on each other. As the only single (non-married) person here there are 3 married couple and one of them has a 16 yr old son. Altogether there's about 17 in the "Life Connection" family. I hope all is doing well and enjoying the Southern Sunshine, and missing me. Missing my US family.
Peace & Love

Apr 3, 2010

NAMASTE नमस्ते

Welcome to India, well kinda. So my test today; LEADER " you ready to use Internet" ME sure. Draws map and puts me on bus. OK see you soon. I think i may be lost. OK for all you worry warts I'm not lost at the moment i know right where i am.
Well my thinking of how this was going to work i completely different now that i'm here. Updating is going to be completely different now but it'll work ok. This is just a trail run of what's going to look like as far as communications. there's many ideas brewing. As a going away present from the peters (my Foley family) the bought me a flip camcorder with 2 hrs recording time, heck yea man. already got some pretty neat stuff heck even deleted some before i was able to download it, trail run.

No ac, No cool breeze, One fan and killer mosquitoes. Who's up for a visit, ha ha ha. Did i mention i like the heat. I think i'm being tested. Someone once told me you can sweat in while in the water, just found out it's true. Never thought i could sweat while taking a shower, that's hot.
That's all i got for now. Love Y'all

Mar 30, 2010


I leave for the airport in about half a hour. Please continue to keep me in your prayer. It's around a 30 hours flight so WOW. love you all talk to yea soon.

Mar 24, 2010


OK so there's six days left till i leave. How do you prepare to be gone for a year? Heck i don't know. Christ said take nothing with you but it's a year, hummm. Gotta lot to do before i leave. I have already been preparing mentally for the trip, definitely Spiritually and trying to even prepare physically. Eating healthy well somewhat healthy. Doing the vitamin thing and well weening myself of whatever things i might be in lack of while there.
Well folks that all i got for now but here's a suggestion i want to know what y'all what to read. What do you what to hear about the journey? Give me some questions or ideas of what you want to talk about or hear. If no ideas well i just see yea next time.

Peace & Love

Mar 23, 2010

Mar 14, 2010

Are fish smart?

Sunday's always a busy day for me. Had a great service this morning and a good group the afternoon. Was able to hang out with some old friends and talk about the past for a bit then it was off to fishing. Haven't been in a while and man it was good. Daniel and i went to the pass around 6-6:30 this evening stayed till about, well....... Now (1am) not much was happening. We got a couple bites mainly catfish few hard head and a few Sail cats. That's when we started asking ourselves if fish are smart. Long story not important, came to the conclusion "there not"
Got an early morning so gotta jet.

Peace & Love

Mar 13, 2010


Well here's an update for yea. Hoping to leave for India in just a few short weeks maybe even less. I'm not sure just yet on when i'm leaving still waiting on Information needed. I have friends that are helping with plane information to help save on some cash. Fun hanging out with the Ywam team and the MA team that just left. My girlfriends birthday is today/tomorrow i can't be with here well cause she's in China. Seen some old friends today and talked about different kinds of life changes that our friends have went through. Life so good just wish i would get out of the way sometime. Love you all.

Peace & Love

Mar 9, 2010

Just found this old Blog post from back in March of 2010

Ywam teams still here, working with Mission Adventures group. I got up with them pretty early this morning helped set them up with the local elementary school to do some service work. Been fun working with this group, they have come to South Alabama to Serve. Not to go to the beach and hang out or shop at the mall but with the primary goal of service work, WOW.
It's the entire senior high school class for a private christian school in Kansas. They have been saving up sense there freshman year to do this Gulf coast service project. It's been good hanging out with them. Later this even had a bit of worship and a teaching on PASSION (deep) Ryan's the kind of guy that just sparks a fire in yea, Love that guy.
Tomorrow is there last full day here, hope they have enjoyed it, what a blessing they have been.
The ywam team is staying for another day so we got to have coffee/tea at the peters to make there stay in Alabama official. Then maybe even a bite to eat at Lamberts (South L.A. main attraction well kinda...)

Peace & Love

Mar 6, 2010

March / 06 / 2010

Beautiful day today with the sun shining and a lite breeze blowing, oh i love the south. There was a Y team that's here with a Mission Adventures crew. We had a good day of some yard work, little painting and trash pick up, good times. They'll be here for a few more days looking forward to spending time with them and sharing some teachings with them.

Hopefully still scheduled to leave in about 2 weeks. Waiting on a response about plane ticket.

Stay tuned for more updates and information on jeff's journey

Peace & Love


The purpose of this Blog is to keep YOU updated on the process of this Spiritual Journey. Thank you and enjoy every step WITH ME.