Mar 1, 2011


~ JOY~

Man these last few days have been great. I feel good and have an overwhelming joy inside that's hard to control at times. I'm not sure if my body is blocking the fact that i'm leaving a place that i have called home for nearly a year or what. I just know a week after i leave i'm going to be dying to come back. I've noticed my pace while walking has slowed down, i'm not in a hurry all the time and i can just sit and smile. SO back to joy. I sit i smile someone walks by they smile, WOW.

Think about it when your upset you carry that vibe with you to everyone you meet and works the same with Joy. Ever been with a group of friends, happy and having fun then one person walks up "mad at the world" and COMPLETELY changed the feeling of the group.

Well maybe it's just me.

Next time your feeling Joyful, Happy or just in a good mood try sharing it, YOU MIGHT LIKE IT.

Peace & Love