Jun 23, 2010


Neighbor (Right) Neighbor (left) Me

Notice something missing ?

So I decided to break my fear of leaving my sandals outside, as is the custom here in India, out of fear that they would get stolen. I thought to myself ”I’ve been here almost 3 months and get along pretty well with everyone in the complex and even on my street, no reason not to trust anybody, RIGHT. ”
First day was good even the second and third day was good. Opened the door and there they were. Fourth day, opened the door and this is what I found (Top right picture) I thought “no way” I searched up stairs, nothing. Down stairs, nothing. Asked the watch man if he has seen it. I mean he does sweep every morning at 7:30 am, but he hadn’t seen it.
I now leave the one sandal I have outside, no need for a thief to run around with only ONE SANDAL.
I hope to bring you more exciting news concerning the case of the STOLEN SANDAL !

Jun 19, 2010

Care package has been received

Thank you New Beginning Christian Fellowship

Helping out with the Medical room, I seen a great need for supplies. As the ministry is hurting financially we can not buy supplies needed. Most or all of the supplies we have now are out of date and written in Portuguese.

The medical room is a very important part of the ministry here. Working with children living on the streets, their always coming in with scraps, bruises, cuts, high fever, common colds or other illness's related to their environment. Being able to provide them with the treatment needed can help prevent further serious injury. It's also a GREAT way to show them that someone loves them and cares for their needs, what a great witnessing tool.


Peace & Love

Jun 10, 2010


"You have to be strong enough to say if the culture doesn't work, don't buy it." What an amazing thought, just think about it. Say you culture believes some crazy belief. Of course, everybody knows that most Asian cultures eat a lot of rice, that family is very important, and that any large parade is going to have at least one dragon, but for the real crazy one you have to actually live there for a while to know find out or if your real curious just Google them, ; )
-If you sleep in a room with a fan on and the windows closed: You will die.
- practice of Dowry (that just one)
- Muslim woman covering all
- Only one child allowed
-Foot Binding
- Sky Burial
-Sharo also known as flogging
This is just a small list. What doesn't make any sense to me is why would you stand for something you don't even understand. Even after research it doesn't make sense. Or what if your culture tells you to hurt yourself for the good of the tribe, village, family or community. Growing up to believe that is all OK is the worst part. The longer i stay any where the more is made know of Crazy beliefs that make no sense, to me..
Please pray for the The cultures of this world that are doing nothing but hurting our brothers and sisters.
Peace & Love