May 14, 2012


Perfect example of my life right now and possibly you can relate.  Have you ever been cruisin down the road and i mean really cruisin. It is THE PREFECT DAY, sunshine beaming down from above, your favorite song playing on the radio, windows rolled as far as they can go, you can feel the wind hitting 
you from every angle.  Man it's like I'm there right now.  
On this beautiful day your going that comfortable speed of about 55 miles an hour, now that's a cruisin speed.  In the distance you see that familiar shaped sign approaching. It's coming up pretty quick but you can't quite make out what it says.  

Then all the sudden WHAMMM you see it

your foots on the break, you think the radios to loud, your looking around for cops cause you didn't slow down fast enough. Almost like your world was just turned upside down.  Now maybe this only happens or has happen to me but it's a real good way to explain it.  

So i would say my life at this point is very similar.  Time to unpack, regroup and remember what's really going on.  It's very interesting to see what it takes to put us back on the "right tract."


Found this blog post just hanging around and guess i forgot to post it.  Sometimes i feel times running out but I'm not really sure what it's running out of! 
For the last 3 months I've been working on this whole college thing and for those who don't know i start THIS THURSDAY,  MAY 17th 
 C  R  A  Z  Y 
  I'm going for the Paramedics course which makes me super excited and super nervous at the same time. It's gonna be good and I'm glad I'm going through with it.  I've got a really good support team backing me up so lets go and make this happen. 

Peace & Love