Feb 27, 2012

2012......... REALLY !

Well sense this is the "End Of All Years" might as well make it a good one. 

Been home for awhile now and things are well.......... "moving along"
I have this problem where my body needs to rest but i get bored, and when i get bored i'm reminded " Idle hands are the devil's workshop", Oh how true this is but how far can i push this "Proverb". What if it gets to the point of bodily harm or mental stress, Man why do i feel i have to be busy all the time .  I realize if you live life in a hurry you just speed up Death, Right ?

It's still hard to say "New Year", can't explain why, it's just hard deal with it being 2012, It's probably got something to do with the weather, i mean living in the south is great and all but dang it was 73 degrees today. People are starting to go back to the beach, WHAT?
Being back home has been great/confusing.  I know i know not a good combo but it's all i got. See confusing right!