Jan 15, 2012

Nice ending to 2011

Swing dancing partners.
We spend most Friday nights swing dancing over in Pensacola.  I've really been getting into this whole swing dancing thing.

TAGGIN ain't no simple thing
Don't worry, over in P-Cola they have a spot where they let you tag a wall.
Cops come and run you off, no cuff's involved.

Spent some time working on the models over the Holidays but i have enjoyed not getting up  at 3:30 in the morning.  

Ain't nothing like Friends, Family & Dirty Santa.  We all got together for a little Christmas Party.  It was good to have laughs with people you love over the Holidays. 

Also during the Holiday Season a Nazarite Vow that i took earlier this year was completed.  After about 137 days Rabbi  Yishai  AKA Jesse at the end of the Vow sacrifices are to be made then the shaving of your head in required to complete the Vow.  Through prayer & further study NO SACRIFICE was needed, when Christ came and did what He had to do He was and is the FINAL sacrifice needed.

   We did burn the hair though. 

Wonder what the new looks gonna be ?