Aug 25, 2011

The Nazarite Vow

In my times of reading and studying the bible, a greater understanding of what it means and what i am to do comes out. New ideas and view points come from within the pages, a desire to learn and grow more. A while back a fellow student of mine, a (ywammer)took a Nazarite Vow, VERY INTERESTING I THOUGHT. Didn't do much studing into it but had mad respect for him. He couldn't shave and had to eat curtain things, Crazy right.
A few years ago by and more reading takes place and BAM there it is. I find myself reading more about it, then do a little study, intriguing stuff. About a year goes by and much thought goes into this "NAZARITE VOW" and i thought to myself, "wonder what that would be like?"

In the Bible, a Nazarite refers to a person (man or woman) who takes a vow,(Numbers 6:1-21.) The word "Nazirite" is from the Hebrew word nazir (נזיר) meaning "consecrated" or "separated".

This vow requires you to:
Abstain from wine, vinegar, grapes, raisins, liquors.
Not to cut the hair on your head
And to Avoid corpses and graves, even those of family members.

So here i am on the road to separation, a consecration to the Lord. I started about a week and a half back and so far i am in Love with the idea. Everything i do i'm reminded of why i'm doin it. What i eat, who i'm with, where i am, even how i look. The minimum for a Nazarite vow it 30 - 100 days HUH? I wonder how Long this will be ?

Agape & Shalom

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  1. You do know you have to do offer three sacrifices in the Temple when you're done with your vow, right? (Numbers 6)