Oct 28, 2010

Spent the day over at the Bioponics facility

Had a great day today with Doyl and a buddy of his, Bill. Bill is from South Africa and is now living here in Nepal running a business that works with Bioponics. I know I know i had no idea as well but soon learned all about it. So for all you ECO-Friendly / Save the Planet kinda people, your gonna love this.

Fish tanks and Plant tubs, both working together for the good of all. SEE WE COULD LEARN A LOT FROM THIS BIO-STUFF.

Theses All-Nature, No bake bricks were made with the soil right off the property, nothing was added. The Cottage was made with the same bricks as well as a barn.

Bioponics (Aquaponics) is a process or cycle of symbiotic relationships where fish help plants and plants help fish. There's no chemicals involved, needs only 1/10 the water needed to grow those beautiful plants and vegetables AND only a fraction of water that is needed to grow those tasty non-polluted fish we all enjoy eating. (Aquaculture) That's the Fancy name for it : )

As more and more people are populating this planet many people are looking forward to the future. These people are trying to find ways to Recycle, Reduce & Reuse the resources that we are so easily using up. For instance did you know that human or animal waste (if handled properly) can be used as gas to cook your food or keep you warm. That tubing (water pipe) if angled just right can build up enough pressure to run up hill, using that stream near by to help you receive the water you need. Buy a chicken, you can have those fresh eggs every morning and that perfect garden foundation you've always wanted, AKA (Chicken Tractor). Get yourself some honey bees and stay sweet season after season. See God has given us some many resources on this earth if only we had the little bit of knowledge to Recycle, Reduce & Reuse these resources. Bill has been working very hard despite the many obstacles in his way. But soon and very soon the wonder facility will be up and running. Not only that but also Training course, school, walk troughs, and even "get-a-ways" for that nice organic vacation we've been longing for. Soon to have a WEBSITE up and running so you can read for yourself all that amazing things this guys can do.
Shalom & Agape

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  1. This sounds very interesting, I would love to go here.