Oct 7, 2010

NEPAL, land of the mountain farmers


Ok so no matter what direction i go it's a workout. Up hill hurts some times down hill's just a bad. After a 2 day travel by Bus, Taxi, Train, Taxi, Rickshaw, Travel bus, Mini bus and a long walk up hill i made. I'm staying in a little house hidden on the side of a small mountain, what a great location. I love it here, the air is crisp and the sun is warm. Everywhere i look the beauty in everything. An old abandoned, rotten tree, mangy dog, It seems as if everything is Old and dirty. No matter where you are the view is great and the air is always clean.
I'm staying with 4 young men, all musicians. They have an Early morning and evening music class, as well as a new training center there building just down the HILL. We keep pretty busy. Some of the different things i have experienced in Nepal as of now are.
Church is now on Saturday, they switched for some reason
Lunch in served in the morning around 9:45/ 10 a clock.
Breakfast is around 2:30
Dinner is just before bed.
You don't have to bath everyday if you don't want
You have to brush once a day.
EVERY ONES got a garden
You can't pick up dead wood on the side of the road because it might belong to someone.
EVERYONE SING something.
Well that's all i can think of at the moment and now i must go. Love you all.
Peace & Love ai

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