Aug 21, 2010

So about a week after my leg injury there was some tearing that took place and well it just wouldn't stop bleeding. For most of you, y'all know of my situation and well uncontrolled breeding's just not good for anybody. Before leaving the states i checked into come local hospitals in the area so i knew of some pretty well organized facilities. Went for a CHECK-UP the Tue the 10th and well 10 min in the check up and doc said "Well we gotta admit you" seen that coming. The Doc was a specialist in the states for 20 years so it was quite comforting to hear.

The hospitals here in India are definitely different then the US. Their treating me well and i hope to be out by this coming Monday.

Sorry about not informing y'all sooner. I didn't want to e-mail or post something stating i had to go for a check up then stay almost a week before writing anything. I hope it's not to upsetting and you can forgive me. Just know that I'm safe and the condition was never life treating. Thanks and God bless.

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  1. Hey bro,
    How are you? I am sorry to hear about your leg, but good job researching ahead of time so you knew the best care facilities. I am glad that you are receiving good care in India by a man who knows about you as an American.
    How much longer are you staying in India? You can email me at if you want to keep in touch bro.