Aug 2, 2010

So i figured, you know what EVERY-BODY'S got a bike here. They get where they need to be on time. They can carry more and each bike comes with a pretty little bell (like a bike horn) It's a second hand bike that i bought off of one of the staff members sons here. I really liked his bike so it made the deal go by pretty easy.
I bought his bike and he in turn went and bought a different one. I payed right about 40$ for the bike and recently put it in the short for some miner repairs. I love working on bike(heck i like working on anything) but here every things different. I looked at it and the design and it's just so crazy how they do things here.
Next i might throw a little paint on it just for looks, we'll see.


  1. In China they all have a cute little basket in the front, you should get one of those. : )

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