May 16, 2010


Know i don't know how open i can be but i just got to get it out.
Where I'm at i look around and see so many people;
Persons 1,027,015,247
Males 531,277,078
Females 495,738,169
That's a lot of people and sense 2007 that number has dropped A LOT like 914,028,632 what happen to those people. I see growth in this place but also death. I see a land that's not going to be able to produce nor harvest the amount of food it gonna take to feed all these people. What are we gonna do when the earth rejects everything we put in it. When the water can keep anything alive. AAAAHHHHHHHH. It's like they can't see or maybe just don't want to. Are we living in a moment and not preparing for the future. I don't i want to help but where do you even begin.
It's a battle with a whole culture. A lifestyle that some people think is so normal, it's all they know............ Speechless

Peace & Love

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  1. i wish there was something i could do to help.. just want u to know you and ur ministry are in my prayers. i love you!