Apr 3, 2010

NAMASTE नमस्ते

Welcome to India, well kinda. So my test today; LEADER " you ready to use Internet" ME sure. Draws map and puts me on bus. OK see you soon. I think i may be lost. OK for all you worry warts I'm not lost at the moment i know right where i am.
Well my thinking of how this was going to work i completely different now that i'm here. Updating is going to be completely different now but it'll work ok. This is just a trail run of what's going to look like as far as communications. there's many ideas brewing. As a going away present from the peters (my Foley family) the bought me a flip camcorder with 2 hrs recording time, heck yea man. already got some pretty neat stuff heck even deleted some before i was able to download it, trail run.

No ac, No cool breeze, One fan and killer mosquitoes. Who's up for a visit, ha ha ha. Did i mention i like the heat. I think i'm being tested. Someone once told me you can sweat in while in the water, just found out it's true. Never thought i could sweat while taking a shower, that's hot.
That's all i got for now. Love Y'all

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