Apr 14, 2010

Crazy living

So the power just went off, don't worry i didn't forget to pay the power bill and i didn't trip the breaker. Here in India it's kind of a common thing and happens about 2-3 times a day depending on how often the guys controlling the switch wants to shut it off. I've been here for 2 weeks and one day so I'm KINDA getting use to it.
I'm still in the training process at the ministry house for the different positions. It's getting better each day i show up and become willing to learn. Trying to understand the India culture has become a learning experience itself as well.
I'm loving hanging out with the kids and just building there trust. It's becomes rather difficult at times both with the languages and the fact that they don't always come back the next day. Sometime they stay gone a day, a week or just never come back, but that's what i signed up for. Another benefit hanging with the boys is it helps with my Hindi. With the technique of "learning like children" it's fun to try to pronounce the words they say and them try to pronounce the words i say.
The staff and i are growing on each other. As the only single (non-married) person here there are 3 married couple and one of them has a 16 yr old son. Altogether there's about 17 in the "Life Connection" family. I hope all is doing well and enjoying the Southern Sunshine, and missing me. Missing my US family.
Peace & Love


  1. Hey Jeff! It's nice to have an update from you (this is Kira from camp, by the way). I'm glad you're getting into the swing of things, and it's so cool that you're learning Hindi! When I was in Ecuador, some of the people who connected best with the kids we worked with could barely speak Spanish, so take that as a word of encouragement. Praying for you!

  2. Hey my brother Jeff just want to say we miss you and are praying for you(your churh family). If there is anything special you need please let us know or anything that the kids need. Neil

  3. Hey jeff! It's good to hear how things are going over there! Praying for you buddy! I am trying to send you a little bit of money... not sure what to do... do you have a pay pal account?