Mar 9, 2010

Just found this old Blog post from back in March of 2010

Ywam teams still here, working with Mission Adventures group. I got up with them pretty early this morning helped set them up with the local elementary school to do some service work. Been fun working with this group, they have come to South Alabama to Serve. Not to go to the beach and hang out or shop at the mall but with the primary goal of service work, WOW.
It's the entire senior high school class for a private christian school in Kansas. They have been saving up sense there freshman year to do this Gulf coast service project. It's been good hanging out with them. Later this even had a bit of worship and a teaching on PASSION (deep) Ryan's the kind of guy that just sparks a fire in yea, Love that guy.
Tomorrow is there last full day here, hope they have enjoyed it, what a blessing they have been.
The ywam team is staying for another day so we got to have coffee/tea at the peters to make there stay in Alabama official. Then maybe even a bite to eat at Lamberts (South L.A. main attraction well kinda...)

Peace & Love

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