Nov 24, 2010

GETTIN HITCHED " Run away Bride X3"

I haven't to many wedding, well i haven't been invited to many wedding the ones i have been too were just kinda of last minute ideas. This wedding i was invited to and it was not what i expected at all.

Here in Nepal when you talk of Arranged marriages you don't get much of a reaction due to most are use to the idea. I had met the bride just 1 short Month before here wedding but i didn't even know she was getting married. The day of here Engagement party i found out i was invited and that was getting married. So the story starts to unfold.

Born and raise in a Hindu family but Later turned Christian. When it was her time to marry the parents started bringing in the first picks for here future husband. No wanting to marry a Hindu man, she ran away and not just once but three times. Fearing her time was running out she turned to the Church and asked to be "arranged", Pretty common question in these parts. Only 3 weeks before the wedding she met her husband. I ask myself what that conversation must have been like, HuH? 2 1/2 weeks later there was an Engagement party, 3 days after that they were married.

I know from the picture she looks sad and upset but it's a cultural thing here. I physical appearance of sorrow must be shown out of respect to the family, She is in all reality leaving her family and traveling far from them to start her own life with her husband, that's sad.

I think this was the first wedding i went to that i wanted to cry at. I felt bad for the bride she started crying and just couldn't stop. Poor guy, probably didn't even see that coming. I thought a wedding was suppose to be the happiest day of your life not the saddest granted there will be some tears but these kind of marriages make you wonder?
Lord be with this marriage. Heck be with all the marriages


  1. We were smiling at our wedding:) And crying (good tears!)

  2. She looks pretty upset, but I guess if I just met my husband a few weeks before I would be too!

  3. man loved the narration of this marriage. i guess i got use to seeing them happen and forgot how different it is for us back home