Aug 4, 2010


So after much walking, biking and along with other physical activities India can make one involved in, time to take rest. I recently invested in a bike to help out with transportation and boy what a work out. I was reminded quickly of how draining a bike can be and now i am paying the cost.
Layed up in bed is where it left me, nothing serious just much pain. It was definitely a lesson well learned. I excited for the use of my bike but i guess it's gonna be a slow ride for now. OW it hurts to walk.

On the another note we have a new roommate coming in today. All i know is he's middle aged man named Bob and likes carpentry. He'll be with us (Taylor & I) for about 2 weeks. It's gonna be cramped in our one room apartment but were excited to have him come and stay with us. He'll be help out in local "places" and local "friends" It will be good to have someone else to chat with. Yay BOB !

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  1. Still in pain, praying for some fast healings. I'm always on the go and now i'm BEING MADE to rest. ouch !

    Peace & Love