May 27, 2010

Comfort !

It's crazy know that i think about it but when i first got it was unbearable. Now to have sweat constantly dripping down my face has become normal. When the lights go out you don't even ask why anymore you just strike a match and find your candle. No more complaining about not having enough hot water to go around cause you all get the same amount, NONE.
Seeing people using the bathroom on the side of the road doing # 1 or 2 or just brushing there teeth to start the day. It's all becoming normal, just part of your everyday routine.
It's crazy how the things you treasured as comforts can change over time. Being in a different environment, atmosphere or culture. Comforts, i guess it just depends on where you are at the moment. So to say comforts change depending on where your at makes pretty good sense, Right ? We can live without some many of our so called needed comforts. We don't have to have a microwave, T.V., or even a Fridge what about the AC you have to have. Hot water heater, Dryer, 12 disk CD changer, surround sound. If you got'em no problem just know that that's not comfort and you can live without. Love yea!

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